Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000

Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000
Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000 Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000 Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000 Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000 Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000 Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc - FRK2000
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*Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may differ to your order*

750rwkw is possible with ALPHA OMEGA's "FRK2000" – using the OEM intake manifold (no manifold spacer!) so you get to keep all your low-to-mid-range power whilst looking super stealth.

It features flow matched Bosch 2000cc “ID2000” injectors which are widely known to have class-leading control, atomisation and spray pattern. It is currently the world's best injectors hands down, so that's why we use them.

Fuel Rail Kit
Fuel Rail Kit (not all parts are shown)


We’ve engineered it by the book right here in Australia so that the FRK2000 fits without an intake manifold spacer! And we manufacture it in Australia too.

Its 100% CNC machined billet for accuracy and reliability and includes 4 special filters for each injector, along with all the little knickknacks to make this a complete kit – not to mention ALL the electrical plugs so that you don’t have to cut up your wiring harness!

Fuel Rail Kit
Flow Matching Plenty of Injectors


Originally designed by Unigroup Engineering, ALPHA OMEGA has added good stuff so now you can configure it for single feed or dual feed, you can install it with braided or regular fuel lines and you can use fittings from -AN to barb – all in the size that suits your build.


The below table shows the recommended power limit on a good & safe tune of various high quality, multi-pintle, good control and good spray pattern fuel injectors currently available for the SR20DET. 

Size (Brand) Recommended Power Limit (rear wheel kilowatts)
98 Octane Pump E85 Ethanol
550cc (NISMO, Tomei, HKS) 220 190
740cc (NISMO, Tomei, HKS) 280 230
850cc (Sard) 300 240
1000cc (Bosch / Injector Dynamics) 360 260
2000cc (Bosch / Injector Dynamics) 750 520




  • 100% CNC machined billet alloy for accuracy, safety and reliability
  • Your choice of single entry / single feed, or dual entry / dual feed (central return)
  • Your choice of line size and style (-AN, pushlock, barb)
  • NO intake manifold spacer:
    • No increased intake runner length
    • No sharp angles, corners or flat airflow disruptions
    • Perfect airflow
    • More power
    • More torque
  • Made in Australia so you know it’s done right

Fuel Rail Kit
During Installation



The FRK2000 kit includes everything needed to bolt it on:

  1. 1 x CNC machined billet alloy fuel rail
  2. 3 x CNC machined billet alloy stands
  3. 4 x CNC machined billet alloy injector bosses
  4. 4 x Flow matched Bosch 2000cc “ID2000” injectors
  5. 4 x Bosch injector plug kits
  6. 4 x Nissan injector plug kits – No need to cut your wiring harness!
  7. 4 x Special individual fuel injector filters
  8. 8 x Viton o-rings
  9. 4 x Large Nitrile Butadiene o-rings
  10. 4 x Small Nitrile Butadiene o-rings
  11. Male tail, plug and hose
  12. Various nuts and bolts
  13. Full installation instructions with pictures

You’ll need a bigger fuel pressure regulator to go with all that power and of course the fittings/lines to plumb it all up. Some modifications are necessary. ECU tuning is necessary. More boost is not necessary but recommended.

This is a made to order product, there will be a lead time, approximately 4 weeks depending on work load - place your order now to avoid disappointment.

Fuel Rail Kit
Installed - You Can't Even Tell It's there!



Here's a quick video to show you why flow matching is important. They are 4 (brand new) injectors taken out of the package, set up on the injector testing machine, broken in and then flowed:

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