1-piece Tailshafts and Vibrations

1pc tailshafts have a reputation to vibrate. Why does changing from the factory 2pc tailshaft to a 1pc tailshaft make it vibrate? Obviously it must be out of balance, I mean… what else can it be right?

…Did you know the angle of the gearbox output shaft and differential input shaft needs be identical? In our Nissan Silvias and Skylines the angle is (accidently) changed with engine/gearbox/diff/subframe mount and bushing changes, wear and tear. Also factor in mods like lowering the engine for better handling and “subframe pineapples” which are literally designed to change the angles.

A 2pc tailshaft will mask these angle problems so everything seems fine even with the above changes. A 1pc tailshaft will no longer mask these angle changes and present them to you as vibrations.

Here is official documentation from DANA (the world’s best manufacture of drivetrain components, the components we choose to use in Alpha Omega Racing tailshafts – these are used in the Yokohama World Time Attack 1st + 2nd place winning cars that run over 300 km/h and over 10,000 RPM) that details how/where angles causes vibrations, and that an angle difference as little as 1 degree is enough to cause vibrations.-



-Full document download available: DANA – Installation Guidelines.pdf

Having said that it could very well be a balance problem with our 1pc tailshaft, but we are confident because they are all individually balanced on calibrated machines, and to be certain we carry out quality assurance checks a second time by a second technician before delivery. So far only 3% of tailshafts on the secondary checks needed any touch-ups, but hey – we still caught and fixed it before you received it.

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