Everyone sponsored were originally full paying regular customers, just like you. After being impressed with Alpha Omega Racing products they wanted more and asked for sponsorship. In the past we supported clients first and then they didn’t provide the support back, so this is the way we do it now: if you support us, we will then support you back.

Alpha Omega Racing Sponsorship

Fast Fours Magazine – Tim Wagstaff


From us to you:
Discounts, stickers, shirts, merchandise, you’re given first choice in everything, free gifts randomly sent to you, increased exposure of you and your car / share your posts, your feedback ranks above others, technical advice, sourcing products not available on our website, product customisation, charity sponsorship.

From you to us:
Run our windscreen banners and stickers, tag us on social media, share our posts, give us shoutouts, run group buys, send us pics and vids of your machine, engage with us. Happy to let you go crazy with ideas, for example a client made some T-shirts for himself and added our logo on it, thanks Tim!

Darren Hill’s hand made Carbon S15


If you are an existing customer and want to be sponsored by Alpha Omega Racing, please send us a proposal with the following info, the more the merrier:

  • Your details, your vehicle’s details + major mods
  • Events you will be attending
  • If street registered – average yearly road kilometres
  • Motoring achievements, awards, recognition
  • Links to your social media profile(s), forum profile(s), blog, build thread, etc
  • Current sponsors / intended future sponsors
  • What current Alpha Omega Racing products do you use?
  • What do you want from Alpha Omega Racing? BE SPECIFIC
  • What are you are offering? BE SPECIFIC
  • A few pics of you and your car

If you can’t be bothered to provide ALL the above details then we’ll be sure to politely decline.

Here are a few cars that proudly use Alpha Omega Racing parts, some are not sponsored and some are sponsored, in no particular order:

Alex Lin + Wing + Chris Penfold’ S15s @ Sydney MotorSport Park, Eastern Creek

Mathew Wootten – Outright Championship Winner @ NSW Supersprint

Tim Wagstaff – Show, Strip, Powercruising S15

Aidan Monger – Time Attack S15

Matthew Lai – 3 Litre Gawdzirra!

Darren Hill – Carbon Circuit S15

Bruce Lawmaster – One of the first GTRs in America!

Andy Ritter – Circuit Sprint S14

Tim Burt – World Time Attack, Club Competition, Hillclimb and everything else motorsport

Chris Penfold – The Everything S15: Street, Strip, Circuit

David Dalrymple – World Time Attack R32 GTRRR

Andrew Campbell – Streetish S14

John Richardson – Club Competition and World Time Attack

Scott Williams – World Time Attack S13

Andrew Campbell – Hillclimb S14 2nd Outright and 1st in Class Winner

Wootten Racing @ Bathurst Mount Panorama

Aaron Loader – RB-powered Fun Lovin S15

Connor Hey – Show, Street and Drag S15

Andrew Campbell – Hillclimb S14 1st in Class Winner (2nd Outright)

This is the owner of Alpha Omega Racing and his own personal S15 – he’s owned it since 2003 and is supported by the following lovely people:

Chris Penfold

This guy has literally gone above and beyond what I would have been willing to do; he’s inadvertently made me a better person in the process of helping me build my engine, towing cars, setting up the Silvia, advice, laughs, garage space, tools and countless other things. Without Mr Penfold’s help the car would not be where it is now. I owe him at least this little blurb of thanks…

Thanks mate!

Unigroup Engineering

I’ve been going to Unigroup Engineering for dyno tuning for around 10 years and they’ve been great! It’s a cosy workshop near Sydney MotorSport Park and the Dragway so they see a lot of unique and fast cars – like 7 second SDR Motorsport drag cars and class-winning Massell RX7 in the Production Sport series.

I think it’s the place to be if you have a Silvia or Skyline and I see more and more weird and wonderful creations, engine swaps, superchargers, twin turbos,  quad throttles and they FINALLY have a 4WD dyno, so GTR, EVO, and WRX owners are serviced too.

Check out their website: www.unigroup.com.au
Drop in: Unit 17, 17A Amax Avenue, Girraween NSW 2145
Or call them on: (02) 9631 2470
Email too: info@unigroup.com.au

Tim Dental

If you’re unhappy with your dentist then give this guy a go! He’s clean and professional, loves his cars (the lucky guy has owned and still drives a few M3s) and is considerately thoughtful. Whenever I move to another location in Sydney I always come back to Dr Tim for all my dental stuff.

Being a wonderful doctor he cares about my health and after hearing of my foray into racing he has kindly gone above and beyond his duty of care and sponsored my S15s roll cage – for my safety, awwwwww… Thanks Dr Tim!

Drop in: 148 Waldron Rd, Chester Hill NSW 2162
Or call them on: (02) 9644 4516

Performance Exhaust Centre

Hakan and Arthur are the two chill guys who run this circus. Easy to talk to and will give it to you straight. They’ve done a heap of the engine bay piping on the S15 and just recently completed a true 3.5” V-band exhaust tucked up nice and high. Whenever I pull the turbo off I can spy on their workmanship and every time I am a happy camper.

They make you feel welcome and I love how if they say it’ll take 3 days, it takes 3 days!

Check out their website: www.performanceexhaustcentre.com.au
Drop in: 6b/23-25 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW 2152
Or call them on: (02) 9683 5688

Skyline Spares and Parts

DIY work with your Nissan can be a pain sometimes when you found out the issue and you don’t really know where to go to for parts and who to ask!

Our mate Erwin from Skyline Spares and Parts has been providing us pretty much any Nissan Skyline / Silvia spares available and even my Evo when you need it! I couldn’t believe how many spares are available within these walls. He has been a great help to us from the very start until today and beyond. If you need any Skyline, Silvia or even Evo spare parts give Skyline Spares a buzz.

Checkout their website: http://www.skylinespares.com
Drop in: 3/87 Newton Rd,
Or call them on: (02) 9725 2569
Email too: info@skylinespares.com

Innovate Tech

Running a small to medium business and needed an I.T. solution? Matthew and Marwan are Co-Directors of Innovate – Tech are I.T Consultants that will provide an cost effective I.T. solution for your business needs.

Their engineers are highly skilled and diverse in technical background which includes being Cisco Certified, VMWare Certified, Microsoft Certified and much more. There are no too little or too big jobs and project from the Innovate – Tech team.

Checkout their website: http://www.innovate-tech.com.au
Drop in: Suite 1, Level 2, 38-40 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
Or call them on: 1300 301 874

Garage 88

Half workshop half drool room, this place is awesome! Situated smack bang next to Sydney MotorSport Park it’s a shop worth visiting just to check out all the JDM wheels, magazines, seats and more. Downstairs they have a fully equipped workshop with a wheel aligner too. It’s a one stop shop for people who love their cars!
If you visit be sure to smack Dominic’s ass for a discount.

Check out their website: www.garage88.com.au
Drop in: 1/32 Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766
Or call them on: (02) 9622 8881
Email too: dominic@garage88.com.au

HiOctane Racing

Are you in doubt of finding a genuine high performance part or need technical advice for your pride and joy? The guys at Hi Octane Racing have it all. You will not believe on the product range that they offer in the market today.

It’s so nice to just pick up the phone or shoot an email to Hi Octane Racing and all you hear is yes we have them or yes we can order it for you! It was great that you do not need to run around to a dozen stores for particular things or spend hours online looking, and all the parts a genuine.

Checkout their website: http://hioctaneracing.com
Drop in: 36 Mary Parade, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Or call them on: (02) 9648 4643
Email too: sales@hioctanedirect.com

VG Auto Paints and Tools

VG Auto paints and tools is your one stop shop for your automotive paint supplies. They offer a huge variety of products, services and free spray painting and dent removal lessons. I have been dealing with VG for more than 5 years with multiple projects by using their huge variety of products from custom spray cans range up to 4 litre custom paints to match our project needs.

I am not a professional spray painter myself although having a chat with David about what will be the best method and product to be taken into account for the project, I was invited to their free spray painting and dent removal lessons that they offer to the public. Free spray painting and dent removal lessons? Who else can offer that? Who else but VG Auto Paints!

Checkout their website: http://vgautopaints.com.au
Drop in: 11 Amax Avenue, Girraween NSW 2145
Or call them on: (02) 9636 5411
Email too: info@vgautopaints.com.au

Western Clutch Services

A warm family business specialising in you know what, and although a long travel for myself personally, I keep coming back as I know the quality of their work and advice will be excellent.

Scott and John have taught us a thing or two about clutches, gearboxes and gearbox conversions, have experience with single, twin, triple, quad, carbon, organic, brass, dual mass flywheels, single mass conversions… tooooooooo much to list!

Checkout their website: http://westernclutch.com.au
Drop in: Unit 9, 130 Forrester Road, St Marys, NSW- 2760
Or call them on: (02) 9623 1233