All products are to be fitted only by a licensed professional that is experienced with installing and setting up aftermarket products.


You are required to check immediately for completeness and quality by inspecting all parts supplied. We guarantee the product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.


Pursuant to Schedule 2 of The Australian Consumer Law Alpha Omega Racing guarantees the following for all goods supplied:

  • Guarantee as to title
  • Guarantee as to undisturbed possession etc
  • Guarantee as to acceptable quality
  • Guarantee as to fitness for any disclosed purpose etc
  • Guarantee relating to the supply of goods by description
  • Guarantees relating to the supply of goods by sample or demonstration model
  • Guarantee as to repairs and spare parts
  • Guarantee as to express warranties

If no claims are made prior to the commencement of installation, the product supplied is assumed to have satisfied all guarantees imposed by the Australian Consumer Law (as set out above) at which time all risks and damages in relation to the product rests with the purchaser.

To and where Australian Law permits, products determined by ALPHA OMEGA Racing to have been abused, misused, altered, neglected, lost, or damaged in shipment are not covered by the warranty. The warranty will be null and void.


We guarantee that this product will fit on a STANDARD AND UNMODIFIED vehicle for which this product is specified to fit. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any other aftermarket product, or any combination of aftermarket products, and/or any customisation to the vehicle.


All products from ALPHA OMEGA Racing are designed for off-road use only. By installing this product you acknowledge that you are using this product for off-road purposes only.

Products are not authorised for use in critical safety or other applications where a failure may reasonably be expected to result in personal injury, loss of life, or property damage. If a purchaser uses or sells the products for use in any such applications, the purchaser acknowledges that such use or sale is at the purchaser’s sole risk. The purchaser will indemnify, defend or hold ALPHA OMEGA Racing and their suppliers/assemblers harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs arising out of or in connection with the use of product or sale.


ALPHA OMEGA Racing have intended the product for off-road use only. It is however solely the purchaser’s responsibility to evaluate the product and determine its suitability in their application.

ALPHA OMEGA Racing do not suggest or make any recommendation as to the suitability of parameters. Parameter values stated or implied are for explanation only and should not be taken as typical or representative of a real world situation.

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