Here are the design and performance reasons why we engineered the Evo 350mm Brembo using EVO X / EVO 10’s 350x32mm rotors instead of a “regular” EVO Brembo brake adapter with the EVO 5/6/7/8/9 320x32mm rotors.

The info here in to suit Nissan Silvia, Skyline, and Zed chassis’: 180sx, S13 (5 stud), S14, S15, R32, R33, R34, Z32, and Z33.


When using the standard issue Evo 5/6/7/8/9 320mm rotors you have 2 options when doing an EVO Brembo brake conversion on your kick ass Nissan…

1st Option

There are these styles of adapters…

Which require you to grind off the strength webbings on the Brembo calipers like this…

… and grinding off the supports on the calipers isn’t the best thing to do.


2nd Option

Then there are these styles of adapters…

… which does not require you to grind the calipers down, but look closer at the notches (next to the chamfered semi-circle) and you’ll see that there is only ~4 threads holding your brakes on. Hmm…


What about EVO 10 Brembo Calipers?

Due to the longer mounting “legs” of the EVO 10 Brembo calipers they must have smaller, weaker brackets designed like the above styles; caliper grinding or ~4 threads holding your brakes on.



We wanted more strength / more material in our caliper adapters and not grind down our calipers and also be certain that the whole setup is value for money and (no, not free steak knives) have better performance over the common 324x30mm Skyline GTR Brembo brake upgrade.

We think we have hit the mark by using newer, larger, stiffer and more common EVO Brembo brake calipers with bigger, thicker, newer and more common EVO 350x32mm rotors, along with a bigger and stronger caliper adapter design that does not – other than the dust shield – require any grinding, cutting, modifying, hammering or modifications at all, it’s 100% bolt on.

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes Version 1 Shown Above; Now shipping the lastest greatest Version 4 which is +193% stiffer, safer, better, lower (Version 4 not shown for copyright purposes)


So now you know why we use EVO 5/6/7/8/9 Brembo calipers with EVO 10 rotors:

  1. More material can be used in the caliper adapter design
  2. Therefore they are bigger and stronger
  3. And there is no grinding of the calipers required
  4. Plus you get better performance when compared to the similarly priced Skyline GTR Brembo brake upgrade
  5. Win!

25/August/2020 – we’re up to version 4 which is more rigid, much thicker, has a lower centre of gravity and a simple bolt-on install!

For more information and pricing please see the ALPHA OMEGA Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes page.

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